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06 February 2015 at 03:51 | Category: ebookhippo

EBook was once a distinctive art offered by few online publishing portals; but today it is something every other online portal has put on sale. A recent trend is self-publishing- where a person/ writer has freedom to convert his/her material in to an online EBook format with convenience. The whole e-book market is developing with a pace and competition, offering self-publishing as an easy to handle task. Such online portals have recent packages to offer which attract customers with words like simplicity, facility and expediency. However, as an author, whether book or an e-book, you should know what to do and how to do to perform the task of self-publishing in most cost-effective way. 

Choose an offer smartly:

As already mentioned, e-book industry is bulging up with various offers. Choose an offer which is opportune as well as commercially solid. Compare your needs with offers and select most apt one offer. 

Select a portal expertly:

Hundreds of portals online offering their services at lowest costs and simplicity of usage. Select the one which has a name in market or offers something different from others. 

Sell books on economical rates:

As you know, majority of online customers belong to a middle class range. They usually have limited budget and are looking for something in range. If you will sell e-book on higher rates, you are probably going to get few customers; no matters how good your book is. Try to attract more customers with economical rates. Simply, less price means more customers and more customers mean more revenue. 

Create eye-catching covers:

No matters how deeply philosophies interpret appearance and personality relationships, but as a matter of fact, face is the first thing we look for in other persons. Similarly, book covers have their potential to attract customers. A nice book cover in the shelf often attracts the passing by customers and makes them buy the book; similarly, e-book covers have their significance in attracting the customers. As a self-publisher of your e-book, you have freedom to choose or design your e-book covers; thus, you need to do it intelligently. Create something which could attract customers. It also stands true for the titles of your e-book with some catchy words.

Market your e-book:

In twenty-first century, marketing is an art. You have to win customers through a tough competition and best way is to market: spread the words around every link you have on social media, tell you dears and nears, get some blogs done on your e-book, etc. The will all help you to get a good number of customers for your online e-book.  

These are some of the suggestions for the communities going to get involved in self-publishing. To conclude, in today’s world, self-publishing is the most prominent platform to get your stuff in the market, but you have to take few steps smartly in order to get it prominent as well.



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