Why to Write an EBook, Not Just a Book

06 February 2015 at 03:55 | Category: ebookhippo

Promptly changing world in demand of dynamically performing commodities does not have much time to hunt the libraries for something to read. With a world waiting for us on a click of a mouse, we want accessibility to reading stuff on the same lines. Readers of global village cannot wait to read what is latest and up-to-date. They need it swiftly.

For such kind of readers, writing just books, then waiting to get published and then planning to spread in the market, is not a wise thinking. Match the lines: write prudently, get it published promptly and spread in the…

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When Getting Self-Published Online...

06 February 2015 at 03:51 | Category: ebookhippo

EBook was once a distinctive art offered by few online publishing portals; but today it is something every other online portal has put on sale. A recent trend is self-publishing- where a person/ writer has freedom to convert his/her material in to an online EBook format with convenience. The whole e-book market is developing with a pace and competition, offering self-publishing as an easy to handle task. Such online portals have recent packages to offer which attract customers with words like simplicity, facility and expediency. However, as an author, whether book or an e-book, you should know what to do…

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